Watches come in different varieties, color, and designs. Choosing which one would fit you perfectly can be a source of confusion. Some people just end up choosing a watch based on what their budget can afford. But, if budget wasn’t a problem, then what kind of watch would you choose? This article points out various reasons why a ladies’ automatic watch is the one you should get.

Manual, Automatic, and Quartz … WHAT?

These are the three most popular watch movements to this day. Here’s a breakdown of what each of the three watch movement means.

Manual – requires winding for the watch to operate. This means daily winding. If you don’t want this kind of maintenance on your watch, then manual is not for you. However, it is favored by watch enthusiasts and these pieces belong to the conservative, collectible, and expensive watches.

Automatic – this watch, like the manual movement, is mechanical, which means that it has mechanical parts. It differs from the manual movement because you won’t need daily hand winding anymore. Why? Because the watch winds itself while it is worn on the wrist. If not worn for some time, the watch will need manual winding.

Quartz – uses a battery as a power source. This is considered the most accurate type of movement to date.

Among the three, if you want the rarity of the manual, but don’t care for daily hand winding and still want a watch that is hassle-free like the quartz, then you’ll fall among the people who prefer an automatic watch.

How Do You Know if a Ladies Automatic Watch is for You?

If you can relate to the following statements below, then a ladies’ automatic watch really is for you. Here’s how you can assess yourself:

You want to belong to an exclusive number of people who only wear the finest examples of timepieces.

Yes, you heard that right. Anybody can wear a watch. Anybody can buy a watch. But, not everybody appreciates watch movements and the rarity of such timepieces. If you want to belong to a group of elite who own automatic watches, then this kind of watch is for you.

You constantly wear your watch on a day to day basis.

Automatic watches eliminate the need for daily hand winding, but this is only the case if you wear your watch on a daily basis. Of course, this does not mean that you’ll never take your watch off. Taking off your watch to sleep or to take a bath won’t affect its movement. If you don’t wear your watch for a longer time period, you may need to wind your watch manually.

So, if you only wear your watch on special occasions, then the ladies automatic watch is not for you. However, if you don’t rely on your mobile devices to give you the time but rather look at your watch, then there’s no problem with you owning a ladies’ automatic watch.

You don’t mind taking a small amount of time off your schedule to wind your watch.

While a ladies’ automatic watch will eliminate the need for daily hand winding, it will still require manual winding from time to time, especially when not worn for a long time. Say, if you wore another watch and went out of the country.

If you don’t mind taking some time off your schedule to pamper and wind your watch, then having a ladies’ automatic watch will not be a problem for you.

You want a watch you can hand down to the next generation.

This is what’s so wonderful about mechanical watches. When cared for properly, it’ll run for generation to generation and won’t need a replacement of battery. When you want to own an accessory that you can hand down to the next generation and generations to come in your family, having a ladies’ automatic watch would be a great investment.

You value a masterpiece.

Lastly, a ladies’ automatic watch, like a manual watch, is a masterpiece. The level of skill and intricacy that goes into making, as well as maintaining, this kind of watch makes it a masterpiece. And, it will be one accessory you own that you’ll be proud to wear.

Let’s Take a Closer Look at the Automatic Watch

Once you’ve finally decided to get a ladies’ automatic watch, it’s time for you to get to know the different parts of your timepiece.

The components of the automatic watch are almost similar to the manual watch. These include:

  • Crown – This part is not only used to set the time, but it can also be used to wind the watch for it to run.
  • Mainspring – This is the watch’s power source. As the owner winds the crown, kinetic energy is stored through the coil-shaped mainspring.
  • Gear Train – The kinetic energy will then be transmitted by the gear train to the escapement.
  • Escapement – Works by transmitting the kinetic energy into equal and regular parts.
  • Balance Wheel – This is the heart of watch movement. This part of your watch oscillates in a circular motion at a speed of five and ten times each second.
  • Dial Train –Transmits the regulated energy from the balance wheel to the hands of watch, making the hands on the watch move.
  • Jewels – Usually synthetic rubies that are used as bearings to avoid or reduce metal to metal friction as well as wear.
  • Rotor – Shaped like a half circle that moves freely in a 360 degree turn that responds to the wrists movements. This is connected to the mainspring where energy is stored.

Getting to know the parts of your ladies’ automatic watch gives you a deeper appreciation of owning one, as well as helping you to take better care of one. Having a ladies’ automatic watch is not hard to maintain but even so, like any item you use, the better you take care of one, the longer it will last.