When the Invicta brand was first developed, it quickly became well-known for its high-quality products which are sold at a low cost. Actually, that was the reason for starting the company as they wanted to make watches more affordable.

Today, the brand is known for much more. Invicta watches have become well-renowned because of their design, versatility, reasonable prices and irrefutable reputation.

It is a brand that has garnered a lot of attention, popularity, love and admiration from the public.

But what are Invicta watches like? Do they offer a variety of styles? How good is the quality of the watches that they make?

Let us answer these questions.

Variety of Invicta Watches

Invicta is actually well-known for the variety of watch styles that they have to offer. Regardless of your style preferences, there is an Invicta watch out there that you will love.

Whether you are young and hip and you are looking for something that is trendy and modern or you are seeking a more elegant style to complement a formal outfit, Invicta has you covered.

They do not only vary the shape and color of the dials of the watch. As you would expect, the bands of the watches are also varied so there are countless styles and designs that they can create.

From bold colors to nudes and animal prints, there is a watch style to suit everyone’s individual taste.

Invicta designs stand up really well when compared to other brands. Although they have been ridiculed for stealing design ideas from other brands, their products are slightly different.

In some cases, the watches are even better than the ones they are claimed to be mimicking. But there has been one thing that has not been disputed and that is their inexpensive nature.

The Invicta brand tends to stay current with their designs and many people think that they are well worth the price that they are sold for. Actually, this is one the main reasons why the brand has become so popular.

They offer great watch styles and designs and they are not overpriced like many other brands. They have stayed true to their initial goal.

There are many collections of watches that have been created by Invicta and of course, each one is different, if even slightly, from the other. In fact, there are more than 25 different watch collections available for purchase today.

All collections have their signature design and then there are variations of this primary design within each collection of watches. This gives you a very diverse group of watches to choose from.

Because Invicta uses a variety of materials to make their watches, they are quite versatile. Some are water resistant while some are not. Some can be worn to extremely formal events while some are amazingly casual.

Despite the occasion for which the watch can be worn, durability and affordability is always noteworthy.

Invicta Watches and their Build Quality

There is actually some conflict about how good an Invicta watch is. Some people believe that the quality of a watch doesn’t get much better than Invicta.

Others think that their watches are so poor in quality that they should not be on the market. Because of these mixed reviews, it is best if you experience the Invicta watch for yourself to make your own conclusions.

It is a general consensus however, that people with negative reviews had somehow purchased a counterfeit Invicta watch. This is one thing that you should be careful to avoid when you make your purchase.

It is best to purchase directly from the Invicta store or a certified reseller to ensure that the quality of the watch you receive will be up to par. If you purchase a counterfeit watch, it is highly likely that your experience will not be as good as someone with the original product.

Two of the best-rated Invicta collections are the Pro Driver and the Reserve. They are very stylish and durable watches that can withstand harsh conditions while remaining intact.

Their bands and dial are made of high-quality materials so the resulting product is of a very high quality. These watches also have a very high appeal among customers as they are very sleek and modern.

The movement in the watches vary depending on the collection. For example, the Pro Drivers use SII/Epson NH25 and Miyota 8215 movements while the sea base uses Swiss movements.

Actually, the movements in Invicta watches are exceptional and of very high standards. They keep time very well and are very consistent and reliable movements.

Why should you buy an Invicta watch?

Everybody loves a good deal. We all want to know that when we spend our money, it was not a waste. I cannot think of anyone who would want to buy a watch that stops working a few days later.

You want a watch that is reliable, consistent with keeping the right time, something that fits your style and something that is affordable.

Whether your budget is $5,000 or $200, you want to get the best value for your money. All these reasons are why your next watch should belong to one of the Invicta collections.

Your gender is not relevant because Invicta has watches for both males and females, plus their watch styles can suit any personality.

Remember that Invicta watches have been around for many decades and they are a trusted brand. They have proven themselves over and over again. From reliability to functionality and even style, Invicta has it all.

There is a reason why Invicta is one of the fastest–growing companies in the watch industry. There are a lot of people who are collecting their watches.

From celebrities to sports stars, many persons are gravitating towards Invicta. It must be because they love what they get for the money that they spend.

At the end of the day however, the popularity of a watch company is not as significant as the quality of the watches that they produce.

Would you rather shop at the most popular watch company or the company that has been proven to produce quality watches with every collection that they release?