It’s not just enough to have smart phones nowadays. If you have one, you should also have a smart watch as one way to enhance the productivity of your phone. It’s not just an upgrade to your phone, but it’s also a wonderful addition to your wardrobe. If you’re thinking that a ladies’ smart watch looks big and robotic like a calculator, you’re wrong.

Smart watch makers now factor in the design for females. When once it was normal for men to gawk at women wearing smart watches awkwardly on their small and dainty wrists, nowadays women are actually used to market smart watches! Female designers are also in on the bandwagon to design a watch fit for the female end of the buying spectrum.

Here are some of the top ladies’ smart watches that women can actually wear:

Moto 360

Moto 360 is an Android Wear smartwatch that runs the Google operating system. It also comes in two sizes, namely 42mm and 46mm. If you don’t like the straps that your Moto 360 comes with when you purchase it, you can buy slimmer straps as these are also available.

The Moto 360 not only looks good, but it is also much more affordable compared to the other smart watch models on the market. They also have quite a choice to offer, aside from the pink straps and gold finish.

The cons of this ladies’ smart watch is that in terms of performance and battery life, it isn’t really as impressive as the more expensive models out there, but it does still work. So, if you’re looking for functionality in a smart watch that you can afford, then the Moto 360 is a great choice for you.

Samsung Gear S2

This comes as a surprise for many. But, specifically the Gear S2 stands out from among the others that Samsung has released since 2013. The big question: WHY? What’s so special about the Gear S2?

For starters, it is innovative and features a really unique, not to mention genius, ball-bearing based bezel that rotates. The Apple smart watch has nothing on this. The rotating bezel really makes it easy to move between alerts, apps, and faces.

Second, it looks lovely and expensive, especially the Gear S2 Classic. It also has a good amount of weight to it so that users won’t feel that it’s cheap to wear but actually is quite sturdy and built on quality.

Third, you can customize straps! There are nine leather and rubber watch straps available for the stainless steel variety, but if you choose the Classic, you can put on third party straps and it’ll fit and look just as fabulous.

Lastly, it’s not a geeky smart watch. It’s actually one you can use and quite easily, too. If you have an android device, specifically Samsung, then it is highly recommended you get a Samsung smart watch too.

Pebble Time Round

According to Pebble, this model is the thinnest and lightest smartwatch you’ve ever laid eyes on. It weighs only 28g and its thickness is 7.5mm. When you compare this to the Moto 360 2 which is 11.4mm thick, the Pebble Time Round is quite impressive.

What are the choices for the Pebble Time Round? Well, it comes with two band sizes, a skinny (14mm) and a regular (20mm). It also comes in three finishes, namely black, rose gold, silver, and even a two-toned Pebble.

If you haven’t owned a smart watch and are considering buying one, the Pebble Time Round would be a big hit.

Lastly, its winning factor is that it is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices!

Olio Model One

If you’re the type who wants a smart watch but wants one that looks a little bit luxurious, the Olio Model One will suit you best. It comes with a hefty price tag, but for the features you’re buying, it sure is worth it.

It comes in authentic 24-karat gold as well as 18-karat rose gold-plated finish. Not only that, it also features custom alligator grain on its Italian leather bands, has a bespoke watch face, and uses Olio Assist. According to Steve Jobs, Olio Assist is a lot helpful compared to the Google Now.

It is also another smart watch that is both iOS and Android compatible. If you’re worried about the battery life, it can function for two days on one fully charged battery. If you want customization, it can be matched with stainless steel link bracelets as well. It definitely doesn’t look cheap, but it does have a boyfriend watch look to it.

Huawei Watch

Another brand player entering the scene of smart watches is Huawei. It is an Android Wear smart watch. If you’re an Android owner, good for you! You have another option to choose from.

The Huawei smart watch features a round face and uses stainless steel, but it does go big when it comes to customization. You can choose from a wide range of styles and finishes. It is a little expensive at more than $300 and its quite new to the market, so it remains to be seen whether the price tag is worthy.

Why should you still consider it though? It features a 1.4 inch display that’s at 400×400, which is the highest resolution that can be seen on an Android watch. It is also IP67 water resistant and is compatible with the Jawbone’s UP platform if you’re into tracking your fitness.

While there’s nothing unique about its diameter and thickness, it does feature details, such as scratch resistant sapphire glass and bezels that are really skinny. You might also see one of the Huawei smart watch ads featuring model Karlie Kloss.

Apple Watch

What would a ladies’ smart watch countdown be without the Apple Watch. So, why is this smart watch on the countdown list? First of all, if you have an Apple Phone, then you definitely should have an Apple watch. While there are smart watches out there that can work with the iOS, it doesn’t work as well as when it is paired with android watches. So, your best bet to enjoy your Apple watch is when you have an Apple phone.

The second reason is that the Apple Watch is the sleekest and chicest smart watch out there. And, the accessories are nothing to be ashamed about. It comes with a Milanese loop or even Hermes accessories and both men and women are drooling over the look and accessories of the Apple watch.

It comes in both 38mm and 42mm sizes. If you do decide to go smaller, you might have to sacrifice some battery life. However, with all the hype the Apple Watch is getting, it still has a lot of issues to work on with running apps and most especially, the battery life. The Apple Watch 2 may be better, but you’ll have to wait and see.