Before you were in the know, you only knew of two types of watch – the ladies watch and the men’s watch. But, there’s more to watches than that. Watches have different movements and because of this, they are classified as either mechanical or electrical. Mechanical watches are those that use a manual or automatic movement, whereas the electrical watch are those that use the quartz movement.

The quartz movement is one of the most popular watches today and is also the most accurate. If you have one yourself, it’s best to know more about your ladies watch quartz mechanism, its parts, and how to take better care of it.

The Different Ladies Watch Quartz Parts

  • Battery – the ladies watch quartz power source. Usually lasts 12 to 24 months before needing to be replaced.
  • Integrated circuit – responsible for carrying the electrical charge throughout the different parts of the quartz movement.
  • Quartz crystal – vibrates when applied with electricity. Applies electricity in a constant stream.
  • Stepping motor – electrical impulses are transformed into mechanical power.
  • Dial train – makes the hands of the watch move.

How the Ladies Watch Quartz Works

  • The ladies watch quartz will not move without a battery. This kind of watch will need a battery as the source of power. The battery releases energy to the quartz crystal.
  • Upon receiving energy from the battery through the integrated circuit, the quartz crystal will vibrate, generating voltage.
  • The electrical pulses generated by the quartz crystal will then be sent to the stepping motor through the integrated circuit.
  • With the help of the stepping motor, the dial train receives the 32,768th electrical pulse.
  • The dial train will then cause the hands of the watch to advance forward.

How to Take Care of your Ladies Watch Quartz

Sure, the ladies watch quartz is battery operated and may seem easy to maintain, but without the right knowledge, your watch can get damaged or useless in a lot less time than it should. So, if you own a ladies watch quartz or plan to buy one yourself, here are some tips you should follow.

  1. Since ladies watch quartz are battery operated, you need to make sure that the battery is still up and running so that your time is as accurate as possible. Make sure to recharge your battery every 18 months and change your batteries every three to five years.
  2. Don’t wait until the battery of your ladies watch quartz runs out. It is best to change the batteries before it expires to prevent battery leakages that can damage the whole watch system.
  3. Make sure to use high quality batteries to prevent battery leakage.
  4. Bring back the watch for a check-up and not merely for battery change. The check-up usually includes changing or installing new gaskets, going through a pressure test (especially for water resistant watches).

Advantages of a Ladies Watch Quartz

There’s a good reason why ladies watch quartz are so popular and not just with the younger generation. Here are some benefits you can get with a ladies watch quartz.

  1. Gives accurate time without manual winding. This leaves you more time throughout the day without worrying about having to wind your watch.
  2. Convenient time piece, simply because it is so easy to maintain. The only time you’ll be inconvenienced is when the battery needs replacing.
  3. Generally slim in design which makes it a perfect fit for women who don’t like bulky watches.
  4. Most of the time, it is less expensive compared to mechanical watches. This is because of the construction and expertise needed to make such a watch. Finesse and a higher level of expertise are needed for mechanical watches, hence the higher price tag.
  5. Loses only a few seconds a month or year. Generally, ladies watch quartz gains or loses 5 seconds a year.
  6. Plenty of variety to choose from and not just the choice of design. There are quartz watches that are solar powered which eliminates the need to replace your batteries every now and then. There are also kinetic quartz watches that you can choose from that will eliminate the need to change batteries, making it an even more convenient timepiece to have.

Bottom Line

Ultimately the type of watch you choose will depend on your preference and the use of the watch. Many people can tell you one thing or another about a ladies watch quartz or a mechanical watch. It’s not so much which is the better watch but which watch will suit you and your needs. To find out if the ladies watch quartz is for you, you can go through the following questions:

  1. Will you be using your watch on a daily basis?

If you need to use a watch, whether for time reference or for accessorizing, a ladies watch quartz is a good option. This is because it is convenient and needs no winding that can take up some of your time.

  1. Are you always on the go?

If your answer is yes, then the ladies watch quartz is a perfect fit for you. Because it is battery operated, you don’t have to worry about maintaining it every day just to keep it working. It simply works and keeps you informed of the accurate time as long as the battery is running.

  1. Do you have a limited budget to work with?

A ladies watch quartz is one of the most affordable watches you can buy on the market. Mechanical watches like the manual or automatic watch are usually expensive because of the intricacy involved in making a classic timepiece.

  1. Do you want a hand dial or a digital display on your watch?

This is the beauty of having a ladies watch quartz. You can have a choice of digital display or hand dial display unlike mechanical watches. So, if you want a sporty look or a classic and elegant look, you’ll have a variety to choose from.

If your answer to most or all of these questions is yes, then it’s for certain, the ladies watch quartz is the watch for you.