Gone are the days when a watch was just a watch. They are no longer designed and manufactured to just tell time. Nowadays, they are considered to be a functional accessory that should be considered.

Because of this, a good amount of differently-designed watches are being made, from small dainty watches with sparkling diamonds to simple, large-face ladies watches.

However, if you are the type who does not like a small dainty watch then you probably own one of those large face watches that has been on trend for a while.

You may find yourself trying to figure out what to wear with that large face ladies watch that you have without it looking out-of-place. Most of the time, you could pair this type of style with jeans or casual attire.

However, there are definitely other ways you can wear your large face ladies watch in style.

When to Wear It

It is important to remember that what you wear with a large face watch is as crucial as to when you should wear one.

Large face watches can often limit the event or occasion when you should wear one. However, more and more manufacturers are designing watches with larger faces that can be suitable for various occasions.

Although they are designed primarily for casual wear, a large face watch can also be worn for somewhere a little bit more formal.

What to Wear With It

Just because wearing a large face ladies watch is on trend does not mean you can just slap it on your wrist and walk out the door. There are certain things you should consider before wearing this style of timepiece.

Against popular belief, you can actually wear a large face watch to an event that is a little bit more formal. It is important to note, though, that this will all depend on how your watch looks like.

If it is a simple, elegant and sophisticated-looking watch then, by all means, wear it to a wedding. If you do, it is best to keep the rest of your jewelry at a minimum.

A large face watch, for all intents and purposes, is designed to be the centerpiece accessory. So keeping the rest at a minimum would match well with your watch. A pantsuit is a great outfit to wear with this kind of watch as it borders on masculine lines.

Jeans and casual tees are probably one of the best ways to showcase a large face watch.

Most large face ladies watches are designed with bold colors or in gold or rose-tones. These colored-tone watches would match perfectly with a simple monochromatic outfit.

You can also wear this style of watch with a bohemian look. Pair the watch with a couple of thin bracelets or bangles and you are set. Keep the colors of your bangles as close to the wristband as possible to make it cleaner and sleeker.

For a bolder approach, pair it up with a color opposite it on the color wheel. A silver wrist band goes well with bold reds, greens and oranges, whereas a muted rose-toned large face ladies watch goes with carnations or old roses.

What Not to Wear With It

Now, just because a large face watch can be fashionable and is on trend, it does not mean there are no don’ts that you have to be aware of. Some big watches can look tacky if not worn properly. Others are just, well, plain tacky.

At all costs, do not wear large face watches with rubber bracelets. It does not say elegant or fashionable. The combination of rubber and a large face watch can be overpowering, overwhelming and too heavy, especially for women.

Try to avoid large face watches that are too sparkly. Because of the size of the face of the watch, the sparkle will be magnified, making it look more tacky than elegant.