Nowadays, a water-resistant watch is not just limited to men’s wear. You can now find ladies waterproof watches that have a sleek, elegant and classy look. However, just like any other watch, it is important that you know how to maintain your timepiece so that it lasts longer.

Here are some maintenance tips that you can follow to keep that ladies waterproof watch in tip-top condition:

Clean the face of your watch

Keep your watch clean on the outside as well as the inside. Keeping the outside of your watch clean lessens the possibility of the inside getting dirty.

Make sure to wipe the face of your ladies waterproof watch regularly to remove any dust, perspiration or moisture. By doing this, you ensure that the water-resistance feature of your watch is maintained.

General cleaning

Aside from wiping your watch periodically, you also need to “wash” your watch. This does not mean that you dip your watch in soap-filled water.

To clean your ladies waterproof watch, start by using a damp cloth to clean the head of the watch. Once that is done, wipe it off with a dry, soft cloth.

Make sure to use a cloth that is not too rough otherwise you might scratch the surface of your watch. If your watch has a metal bracelet then clean it up with mild soapy water and a soft bristled toothbrush.

Schedule a Maintenance Check

Keeping your watch in top form does not only mean wiping it clean every so often. It is also important that you schedule a maintenance check every few years. This is to ensure that your watch is in pristine condition and that there are no loose screws hanging around in there.

It is recommended to have a complete movement overhaul on your watch once every three to five years.

Winding and Setting

If you have a manual watch, make sure that you wind it fully at the same time each day. This will keep your watch accurate. Be careful, however, not to force the crown so stop winding it once you feel some resistance.

On the other hand, if you have an automatic watch, give the crown at least 20 turns before wearing it.

If you are wearing your waterproof watch as a day-to-day timepiece, make sure to wind it once every two weeks. If you are not wearing it daily then wind it twice every week.

Testing for Water Resistance

Just like a complete movement overhaul, it is also important that you have your watch tested for water-resistance once every year. This is to ensure that the water-resistance feature of your watch is well-maintained.

If you see any sign of condensation or oxidation then it is time to bring your watch to the repair store.

Use it Properly

Although a waterproof watch can be very durable and can withstand some pretty heavy wear and tear, it is good to know the do’s and don’ts of wearing one.

If you are using your watch for some heavy water activity like scuba diving then make sure that the crown is pushed down or screwed in tightly before you wear it underwater.

Avoid making any adjustments to the crown or pushing any buttons if you are in a moist environment. Adjusting the crown and pushing the buttons opens up the mechanism of the watch so doing this in a moist environment could potentially have water seep into the crown.

If you have a watch that has a rotating bezel, make sure that rotate it while doing your random clean-up so you can remove any debris, like sand or salt, in it. Leaving this out could potentially ruin your watch.

Avoid Chemicals

Although your watch is water-resistant, it is not immune to chemicals. Keep your watch away from chemicals such as perfumes, detergents or solvents. This can cause corrosion in your watch which can, ultimately, ruin it.