Although it is such an everyday wear, a watch is probably one of the most often-worn fashion pieces that is, most of the time, an afterthought when it comes to choosing an outfit.

The watch you wear can say a lot about your style and personality. Most of us would buy one or two pieces and wear them for all occasions, whether it is a casual day in the park or a formal dinner party.

However, you do not have to buy an elegant watch to be in style or to make an outfit. Simple is always a good option. You can always wear simple watches for women and still be fashionable and stylish.

Casual and Day-to-Day

Most of the time, we have a default watch that we wear every day. It might be a simple watch or a watch studded with diamonds, depending on your personal style.

However, to be able to match simple watches for women with an outfit, it is best to go for a piece that has a more neutral color or tone; a color that goes with pretty much everything.

Stainless steel or leather straps watches would be your best bet.  These kinds of watches will pretty much go with every color of clothing in your closet. It can also easily be transitioned from a jeans and shirt outfit to office attire.

Although gold or rose-gold toned simple watches for women can be a good option, your outfit might be a little bit more limited in terms of the color you can match it with.

Orange does not really look good with a gold watch. You cannot go wrong with muted color-toned simple watches for women with light-colored clothes.

However, you can also pair these toned watches with bold colors for a fun and bold outfit. Red would be perfect with a gold watch. It shouts confidence and power.

More Dressed Up

For something a little bit more dressed up, go for rose-gold toned or gold watches. These types of watches automatically speak volumes in terms of dressing up an outfit.

Gold or rose-toned watches always seem to be a go-to piece when it comes to any event that is a little bit more formal. This is because they go well with formal jewelries or accessories as well.

Sleek, clean jewelry matches well with these color-toned watches. A simple, sleek, stainless steel watch would look elegant with a long or short dress. Pair it up with high heels and you are good to go.

Not to be ignored, leather strap watches are also great for a more dressed up look. Although it is often worn for casual wear, leather can be sleek and elegant-looking.

Pair one with a women’s sleek suit for a more formal, yet comfortable, look. A long maxi dress with two or three bracelets worn on the same arm would make a cool bohemian-inspired look, coupled with some leather strappy shoes.

A simple leather watch would also be a perfect match to a white long-sleeved blouse.

Going Sporty

There are definitely more and more women who choose to wear simple sport watches. Nowadays, you are no longer limited to those big and bulky sport watches that can be very masculine.

When wearing an outfit that is more on the sporty side, like when doing yoga, opt for a sleek watch that has a very simple face.

Most sportswear clothing is designed with bright colors and bold patterns so keeping the watch simple will not clash with your outfit.

It is important to remember that just because you a watch is simple does not mean it cannot be fashionable. Being more aware of what color or pattern goes well with your simple watch can make or break your outfit.