Timepieces have evolved over the years, initially watches used to be only for men but now timepieces for women are widely made. The best timepieces for women in 2016 are just watches but artistry is expressed in watches. They can easily separate a lady who just buys a watch from a lady who appreciates the artistic quality of timepieces. These meticulously designed watches are stunning and magnificent.

Baselworld 2016

You can’t talk about watches for anyone without talking about the Basel world Watch and Jewelry Show as this is the international trade show that showcases all the best watches and jewelry in a given year. Remember that Basel is in Switzerland and Switzerland has been the home of exceptional and legendary watchmakers so the trade show was definitely impressive.

More than 45 countries were represented with over 95000 visitors and 2,100 exhibitors. The world’s leading jewelry and watch brands were present. In the trade show, the term ladies watch was discarded for unisex watches that had gemstones and jewelry plus other non-masculine elements. Let’s see some of the best watches in exhibition at this event.

Faberge Dalliance Lady Levity

The technology used to make this exceptional timepiece is rare and truly unique. This technology uses printed platinum that has been exquisitely placed on a sapphire crystal that is dome in shape and finished off by a white mother of pearl. This means that you won’t be able to see the face of the watch right off.

Jean-Marc Wiederrecht of Agenhor made this 36mm rose gold cased timepiece that uses manual movement. If you want a stunning watch for your lady, this is the one for her.

Chopard LU.C XP Fleurier Peony

This timepiece has diamonds, gold and mother-of-pearl on it. It’s also engraved in peony flower. The back of this watch will leave you stunned. The delicateness and beauty that was used to make the back of this watch is amazing. On its back, it has an automatic L.U.C 96.23 L movement. This exquisite movement has gold bridges and it is also engraved using traditional Fleurisanne style.

Bulgari Serpenti Skeleton Tourbillon

This timepiece is as enchanting as its name. It’s the newer version of this Bulgari signature snake timepiece. Due to this, it has a re-interpreted shape. Captivating precious gems and golden scales have been wrapped around the face of the watch. What is excellent about this watch is that you don’t need to turn it over to see the movements. It is a 41mm gold round timepiece with a redesigned body and snake head that has been expertly coiled around the case to protect it. Gentlemen, get your ladies this watch.

Breguet La Traditon Reference 7038

Due to its traditional and classic look, it is adored and cherished by many women. Owned by the Swatch Group, its mesmerizing effect hasn’t left it. Encased in a white gold case, it measures 37mm with 68 brilliant-cut diamonds. It also has a sparkling white frosted finish that clearly shows its automatic movement.

De Grisogono Retro Lady

Of all the watches discussed above, none beats this truly fantastic and brilliant timepiece with the color and rare gemstones used to make it. It matches its excellent color with precious and rare gemstones. This makes it truly stand out from the rest and the whole of the trade show. It also has a galuchat strap that matches its color. If you want to liven up your wardrobe, then make sure you purchase this watch. If you love attention, make sure you have donned this watch because everyone will be glued to you.


Now for those who might not be able to purchase these timepieces discussed above for whichever other than money, it is essential you keep yourself updated on the latest trends on ladies watches. This isn’t limited to any watch brand but to all watch brands, be it on an affordable or expensive line.

Purchase a rose gold watch as it is the in thing in 2016 not only in watches but also in gadgets. It will perfectly represent your femininity and beauty.

Go for watches that are smaller in size as small watches are considered suitable for women and the vice versa is also true. Don’t forget a jeweled watch, ladies love jewelry.