Choosing the perfect watch for a woman can be daunting, especially with so many styles, designs and colors to choose from.  A watch can be quite personal so there are certain challenges you may encounter if you do decide to get one as gift.

Match the Style with the Lifestyle

It only makes sense that whatever style of watch you choose should match the lifestyle of the intended wearer. When buying a ladies watch for gift, it is important that you first look at the woman’s overall lifestyle.

It will not do you, or her, any good if the kind of watch you buy is a mismatch to her lifestyle. This will just result in her not using the watch.

If the woman is into sports then a sports watch might just be the ticket. If the intended wearer is a professional who has an active social life then an elegant stainless steel or rose-toned ladies watch should be a good choice.

For someone who prefers something more casual, choose a timepiece that is easy to read, simple in design and with a leather or stainless steel band.

Do not go for a piece that is full of jewels or sparkle. Not all women prefer a sparkling, bejeweled watch. These types of watches are great for everyday wear and can also be worn in an office that has a casual dress code.

For a woman who is active and into sports, pick something with a rubber wrist band that has a digital interface. There are now so many good sport watches for women that have all the bells and whistles without the bulk and weight.

Choose one that has a timer or stopwatch if she is into activities like running, hiking or walking.

Match Her Taste

If you are unsure of what her taste is, try checking out the jewelry and accessories she is wearing. This is a good indication of what type of style she has, making it easier for you to choose a style of watch that will please her brand of fashion sense.

A woman who likes to wear simple, refined jewelry would appreciate a ladies watch that is elegant and timeless. These are usually those without too many jewels or gemstones.

If a woman likes to wear statement pieces that are bold then a large face watch, a sparkling watch or even a one that has a bold colored wristbands are good choices.

It is also important to remember to keep her dress style in mind when picking ladies watch for a gift.

Is she the type who likes to wear dresses all the time? Is she more the jeans, shirt and sneakers kind of woman? Does she attend formal events all the time?

Answering these questions will give you a good sense of what her normal dress style and lifestyle is.

Do Your Research

Nowadays, there are so many styles and brand of watches out there that it can a headache to pinpoint one that will best fit the intended wearer.

Make sure that you do your research. Go online and check the reviews. Weigh the pros and cons. Remember that a high-end timepiece is not necessarily a more efficient one.

Ask around and seek recommendations from other women, especially those people who are near and dear to the woman you are buying the gift for. They should be able to give you a good insight of what she likes and does not like.

There are certain brands that specialize in specific styles of watches. Make sure that you have an understanding of what each brand represents in terms of style and functionality.

Play It Safe

Avoid unnecessary risks when trying to find a watch as a gift. As a rule of thumb, avoid watches that are trendy. They can get pretty off-trend quickly.

So, stick to the timeless piece that never goes out of style. You will never go wrong with a classic.