We usually take a little bit of time and thought on what kind of outfit we should wear with specific occasions or events because you definitely do not want to wear an outfit that would be inappropriate or out-of-place at a certain event.

Just like an outfit, we also take the time to determine what accessories we will be wearing. This includes the kind of watch.

Watches, just like clothes, are designed to match certain occasions. You would not want to be wearing a sports watch to a formal gala! Matching a watch to an outfit is not that difficult to do because there are certain styles and colors that will help guide you in making that choice.

A watch with stainless steel or leather straps would go well with any casual attire much like a gold-tone or pink watch would work well with something a little bit more formal. A watch like the Women’s USC40063 Gold-Tone And Pink Bracelet Watch can help pull together your formal outfit.

The U.S. Polo Assn. Gold-Tone and Pink Bracelet Watch features a glittering pink and bezel dial with a 40mm metal case and glass window. It can be worn for both formal and casual wear.


  • Brand: U.S. Polo Assn.
  • Gold-tone with glittering pink and bezel dial
  • Case: 40mm metal case which also includes a glass dial window
  • Clasp and band: alloy bracelet which also has a fold-over clasp
  • Display type: analog
  • Band length: women’s standard


With its gold-tone and pink bracelet, the U.S. Polo Assn. Gold-Tone and Pink Bracelet Watch is a very fashionable and pretty watch.

The pink color on the bracelet matches well with most outfits and can be worn for everyday, casual wear. The two-toned bracelet and the sparkling bezel give the U.S. Polo Assn. Gold-Tone and Pink Bracelet Watch a very elegant look as well.

The sparkling bezels on the watch make it a little bit more formal that a standard steel watch. The combination of the pink and gold-tone bracelet with the sparkling bezel and pink dial creates a very classy look which is a good design for its price tag.

Because the face of the watch is a little bit larger than a standard ladies watch, it is often classed as a boyfriend’s watch which is very fashionable at the moment without it being too masculine.

The larger face also means that it is easier to read and tell the time on without much difficulty. The size of the face is large enough to make it fashionable but not too large that it can look overpowering or too heavy on the wrist.

The design of the watch makes it suitable for all ages as well. It can be worn by young adults or by women who are more mature without it looking out-of-place.


A few who have reviewed this product found, though, that the pink paint on the bracelet falls off after the first wear. Some also found that it will scratch and fall off after several months of wearing the watch.

This resulted in having unevenly-colored bracelet that makes the watch appear really battered. It also means not being able to wear the watch longer.

Some have also mentioned that some of the jewels on the bezels tend to fall off. The jewels then have to be replaced. This also resulted in the watch losing its initial appeal of being classy and pretty.

Others also found that the bracelet size can be too big so they had to spend extra to have it re-sized. On the other hand, some find it too small and more suitable for petite women of a certain size.


For its price tag, the U.S. Polo Assn. Gold-Tone and Pink Bracelet Watch is a good option if you are looking for a watch that is fashionable and wearable.

Although the issue of the bracelet can be a concern, a trip to the watch repair guy to have it adjusted will solve that quickly enough. The chipping paint is also a concern raised by a handful of people; however, the bracelet can be replaced if needed.

Overall, the U.S. Polo Assn. Gold-Tone and Pink Bracelet Watch is a good watch that you can wear as a fashionable piece.